Leafcutter John and Lady Hackspace

Check out the glorious and gorgeous electronic and acoustic meanderings and explorations of this wonderful duo playing with Steve Beresford at the Hack the Barbican festival in 2013. We're looking forward to see where they'll transport us to at the festival!

Leafcutter John

Leafcutter John is a London based songwriter, electronic musician, and artist. He performs extensively in a variety of combinations including as a soloist and with the band Polar Bear. He has released numerous highly acclaimed albums including The Forest and the Sea and The Housebound Spirit. He has created numerous hacked, coded and DIY projects, instruments, installations and performances.

Lady Hackspace(aka Blanca Regina)

Blanca is an artist, teacher and curator based in London. Her research and practice is heterogeneous and encompass expanded cinema, free improvisation, graphic and moving image, photography and performance art. She is one of the organisers of the Strange Umbrellas series of experimental  music and sound-art performances alongside many, many other things!