Gawain Hewitt

Gawain Hewitt is a sound artist and electronic musician who works with found sounds, synthesis and hand made sonic objects. Gawain’s installations have featured at Ice Music Festival, City of London Festival and The Royal Albert Hall among others. Gawain’s performances are largely improvised, and often collaborative. Recent collaborations include work with Chris Sharkey, Sam Crockatt, Arve Henriksen, Stewart Francis Easton and Terje Isungset.

Gawain's projects start with people and/or place at the centre of creation. From these foundations he seeks to create something that is true and representative of the people, place and ideas with whom he is working. Gawain is a collaborator, constantly seeking connections between art, technology and music: as a consumer or audience and as a creator, whether composing, building, coding, photographing or teaching. He is the lead on R&D for Drake Music, which is the leading national organisation working in music, disability and technology.

He has also lead the technology section of the Animate Youth Orchestra. Projects can be anything from a two day open access local course through to the pictured performance at the Royal Albert Hall for which a group of young people designed a 1.5m x 9m skyline of London as a musical instrument, complete with 1000 LED's. A project which he then designed, coded, built and installed.