The Festival

After a very successful summer in 2015 where we took part in numerous events including the Tate Modern Turbine Festival, we've decided to up the ante this year and put on our own festival featuring some of the amazing people who've been a part of our group over the last couple of years, as well as other wonderful sound-artists, musicians and hackers. We're incredibly excited by the variety of projects and performances we've got on at the festival, and we hope that you'll come along for a fun, thought-provoking and beautiful day out. We've planned the day to be as hands-on as possible so you'll have a chance to play as many of the instruments and sound-making machines as possible, as well as the chance to talk to the artists about their work.

The festival is funded entirely on a non-profit basis by the members of Hackoustic, and wouldn't be possible without the generous support of the wonderful folks at Machines Room and Lime Wharf.


Hackoustic is a hacking group dedicated to exploring acoustics and instrument building. We meet on the second and last Sundays of every month at the London Hackspace to experiment with sound and try to build whatever sound making machines we can imagine. Sometimes we invite speakers who come and talk about their projects or tell us about a subject that might be of helpful in our explorations. The emphasis is definitely on experimenting and having fun, although many of our members are serious musicians/sound-artists/entrepreneurs.

We are also keen on evangelising to the wider world about the joys of hacking and experimenting with sound, as well as promoting our members projects. We have appeared at Tate Modern, the V&A, Cafe Oto, the Elephant and Castle Maker Faire and more in order to do just that.

Our group welcomes anyone, from any background, and with any level of experience. If you have an idea for a brand new instrument, but don’t know where to start, you may find the ideal person to point you in the right direction. Or perhaps you’ve built an instrument, but want to figure out how to make it make more interesting music with it. Maybe you’ll find a composer or musician here who can give you exactly what you need. Maybe you just want to hit a few things with a stick and make some cool sounds. That’s one of our favourite pass-times!

We are also a great way to find out about the London Hackspace, which is a large space in Hackney packed with tools and machinery for you to use to make your projects. The place is full of people with all sorts of expertise and is a great place to learn new skills and meet interesting people. There is a (very reasonable) membership fee to join the Hackspace and use the facilities, but it isn’t necessary to pay this to come to our meetings. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to join the Hackspace though and make full use of all the resources there. There really isn’t anywhere else quite like it!